Sample letter requesting extension of due date of bid submission for tender notice

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Tender Notice BidsWondering how to request a client to extend the due date of bid submission against a notice inviting tender (NIT)? Sometimes, situations may arise when you need some time to place your bid. You may have come across the notice inviting tender too late; the due date has almost come and it is impossible to prepare a bid in that short period. You may also require more time strategically, in order to completely assess the scope of business. Whatever may be the reason, in many cases you need to write a letter requesting extension of last date for submitting your bid against a tender notice. Like all other business letters, there is a certain format for this as well. Do you know how to apply for extending laste date for bid submission for NIT? If not, keep reading!

Points to remember before writing a letter for bid submission against a tender notice

  • Often, you are deliberately delaying your bid because you want to correctly assess the scope of supply and work to have a good estimation of pricing. In rest of the cases, you are typically late because you saw the notice of late and there is not much time in your hand. Whatever may be the case, it is better to cite the second cause.
  • Get rid of your shyness. Sometimes we hesitate to send business letters asking for something because we think that the application might be rejected. However, in reality, most companies will consider your application letter for extension of due date for tender bid submission if there are sufficient reasons and if they think you are a valuable business relation.
  • Please note that the letter has to be addressed to the contact person mentioned in the tender notice. Usually all tender notices will have an address for communication. However, if you find no such address, then you must address it to the person undersigning the notice. Do not forget to use proper salutations before the name of the person.
  • Last but not the least, all such communications are to bo made in the letterhead of your company to add reliability and credibility. Since your letterhead will already have your address, phone number and contact details, there is not much use in repeating them. That is why, you may notice, we have skipped address and contact number in this sample letter format wanting time before tender bid submission.

How to write an application letter requesting tender giver for extending last date of bid submission

Given below is a model letter format for bid submission date extension against tender notices or NIT. However, please note that this is only a model tender notice response letter and your situations may require addition or alteration of certain information.


Kind Attn. : [NAME], [DESIGNATION] 

Sub: Request for extension of the last date of submission of bids against aforesaid tender notice by ** days

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would hereby like to inform you that our company / organization / institution (WHICHEVER IS APPLICABLE) has been supplying ABC MATERIAL / performing XYZ JOBS (WHICHEVER IS APPLICABLE) to various companies. Since our inception in YEAR OF STARTING YOUR BUSINESS, we have been taking pride in successfully extending our service to a number of companies, including [MENTION A FEW REPUTED COMPANIES YOU HAVE SERVED]. We are looking forward to participating in the tender mentioned in the notice referred. However, please note that we might require some time to prepare an exact estimation as we have come across the notice quite late. We therefore request you to please extend the last date of bid submission against your NIT by at least ** days.

Looking forward for to your kind cooperation,

Yours Sincerely,



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