How to write a letter declining bids for tender (RFP)

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Tender bids RFP refusal letterAre you looking for sample letter format on how to write a letter declining bids for tender? Turning down a proposal offer is excruciating, isn't it? At some point it is just the right thing to do, for accepting the wrong type of work or the right type of work at the wrong time might hamper the business. So it is better to decline a request for proposal than to mess it up. Once the decision has been made to decline the bids for tender, the next question is, how to say it to the sender in a polite way, as a response conveys professionalism. So deny with dignity. Want to know? Read on!

How the letter to decline an RFP should be?

The letter to decline an RFP/ITB should be courteous but to the point, so as to leave the door open for future opportunities. Begin the letter with a thanking note for showing interest in your organization/company. Then your clear statement, that you intend to decline to bid for that particular project. Be specific while pointing out the reasons for declining the proposal. Show your interests for future RFPs which your organization/company may be well suited.

Sample letter declining bids for tender (RFP)





We would like to thank you for the opportunity given to review the bid documentation. After a careful evaluation made on the subject RFP, we regret to inform you that we are not in a position to submit a proposal for the following reasons.

[State your own reasons for declining or modify the reasons listed below, as per your need]

1. Although the bid is within the scope of our business, we are working at full capacity at this time and we are on deadline with two other project at this time.

2. Also our estimate of the budget required to deliver the quality results you expect is substantially higher than your stated budget.

3. The specifications in the RFP is too restrictive that, although xxxx is within the scope of our business activity, the product xxxxx is no longer manufactured by our suppliers and we only do custom work per unit. Given to understanding that, as per the RFP that not meeting such mandatory criteria will render the bid as non-compliant.

However, we look forward to working with you on future projects in the area of xxxx. Accordingly we hope that you will include us in future RFP's of similar engagements.

Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to call or email me at [YOUR EMAIL ID].



Have you ever declined a request for proposal? Share your experience on how you handled the situation.

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