Sample application letter to Principal for provisional certificate from college

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Provisional Ceritifcate Clip ArtLooking for a sample application letter to college principal asking for a provisional certificate? Often you may need a provisional certificate from college Principal for applying for jobs even before your results are formally published. You may need to write a letter to your principal, asking him or her to issue a provisional certificate stating that you have passed a certain examination and that your character is satisfactory. In fact, you may have to write similar letters to other authorities as well, for example the chairperson of a statutory body. Learn how to write an application letter for provisional certificate that you may need to furnish for a job application. Keep reading!

When do you need to apply for a provisional degree certificate?

Sometimes, there is a lag of time between the publication of result and the deliverance of actual degree certificate. In between, if you need to apply for a job for which the degree concerned is an eligibility norm, you would require to furnish a provisional certificate. For that purpose, you would have to write an application letter to college principal for provisional degree certificate, or to the appropriate authority in similar cases. Let us explain the matter further with an imaginary example.

Person X appeared in the final year examination from ABC College in the month of April. On the 10th of June, the college website published a list of roll numbers of successful candidates. Person X found his / her name in that list. Having taken a print-out, he / she approached Y Company for a job. Nevertheless, the personnel in Y Company informed Person X that a mere print-out of the list will not do, as it is very easy nowadays to tamper the list by editing it and inserting your roll number. An actual certificate has to be submitted.

Accordingly, Person X visited the office of his / her college, and found out that the official statement of marks as well as qualification certificate will be published in July. As the last date of the job application is 30th June, X could not have waited that long. So the office advised him / her to write an application letter to college principal for issuing provisional certificate. Now, how to write that provisional certificate application letter to principal?


What to write in your application letter for provisional certificate?

Ideally, you have to mention the following things clearly when you write a letter asking for issuing provisional certificate:
  • Your name, father or guardian's name if required, full address.
  • Name and year of the examination you have qualified.
  • Your roll number, registration number, and other relevant details.
  • The purpose for seeking the provisional certificate.


Model application letter to principal for issuing provisional certificate


Sub: Issue of Provisional Certificate for [NAME OF EXAM] [YEAR OF EXAM]

Sir / Madam,

This is to humbly state that I, [YOUR FULL NAME], son / daughter / ward of [FATHER / MOTHER / GUARDIAN'S NAME], resident of [YOUR FULL POSTAL ADDRESS], have qualified in the aforesaid examination. Attached below is a print-out of the online merit-list downloaded from the concerned website.

I would like to apply for a job for which [NAME OF THE DEGREE CONCERNED] is a minimum eligibility criterion. I came to know that the actual statement of marks and certificate of qualification will be published after one month [OR MENTION THE PROBABLE DATE]; by that time the job application will be closed.

I therefore request you to please issue me a provisional certificate of qualification so that I may proceed to apply for the same. Mentioned below are my roll and registration numbers for your perusal.

Registration Number: WRITE AS ON THE ADMIT CARD

Thanking you,
Your Sincerely,



Have questions on how to write application letter for provisional certificate?

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