Bank Locker Application Format: Sample letter to bank manager requesting locker facility

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Bank LockerHow to write a bank locker application letter to the manager? The short answer is, mention your savings or current account number, state since when you have been a customer with the said bank, and request for providing a bank locker. Application forms are usually available with the bank. If not, you have to write a letter to the branch manager for availing locker facility.

Who can apply for a bank locker?

Application letter for bank locker to branch manager can be submitted by individuals, HUF, limited companies, associations and trusts.

Bank Locker Application Form: Download from official websites

You are advised to always download bank locker application form from official website(s) of the bank(s) only. Sometimes forms may be available in some other websites, but it might be illegal to use them or they may be simply outdated. In other words, the bank officials may refuse to accept those forms, so why take risks? Always obtain all sorts of forms from official sites only. Most banks will have preformatted forms. If not, you will have to write a bank locker application form on plain paper and submit it to the branch manager.

Things to remember when writing application letter for bank locker

Check for forms

Always check whether your bank has a predesigned format for locker application. Have a look in their website. If no such form is there, visit the branch and ask for hardcopy forms. If you still do not get any form, or are advised by the bank personnel to write an application letter on your own, only then you should use the letter format below.

What to write in bank locker application letter?

Ask the bank personnel what to write in your application letter for bank locker. The model given below is only a sample bank locker application letter format that might need to be tailored as per your requirement. Remember to include your savings or current account number and CIF number in your application letter, if you hold an account with the bank already. In most cases, banks require you to operate a savings account before you can avail a locker.


How to write a letter to bank manager for locker facility?

A banking letter, very much like business letters or other professional letters, is not a place to write long, tiresome essays. Hence, always be brief and to the point. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit. Avoid jargons and bombastic phrasings, known as Johnsonese in the English language. Businesslike English, nay any language, should always be brief yet clear and compelling.

The vast place called the web world produces various fruits. Somewhere I was reading a model bank locker application letter where the author was informing the good-self that under certain compelling circumstances he was in need of a locker. He was ready to be highly obliged if the manager would very kindly favour.

With full respect to the author, I am not going in any debate whether such English is good or bad. It is just archaic or outdated in today's fast-paced business world. A businesslike letter offers more clarity, faster.

Moreover, your tone should be polite and formal. While you should not write "Listen buddy, got something to tell ya", you do not have to stoop a lot too while writing any business letter, including an application letter to bank manager requesting locker facility. You will see a lot of older people writing that way. This is probably a colonial hangover; such stooping modesty was required by "native" Indians when most of the officials were British. Not any more.


Sample application letter to bank manager requesting locker facility

The Manager

Sub: Application for locker facility

Sir / Madam,

May I please request you to provide me with a locker in your branch, in which I have been holding a savings / current account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with CIF number xxxxxxxxxxxx since [DATE OF ACCOUNT OPENING]. I understand and promise to abide by the rules and regulations regarding the same, pay the necessary fees as well as maintenance charges, and also make term deposits if necessary for availing the locker facility.

Kindly oblige by sanctioning the same.


Your Signature



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