How to write an application letter for name change in bank account?

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Name change clipart, hand holding changed namecardWant to change your name in bank account? A number of reasons can compel you to change your bank account name. Mostly, women need to change their names after marriage. Sometimes, there are other reasons and legal matters involved. Whatever the reason, if you want to change your name in the bank account, you have to write an application letter to the bank manager requesting the same. If you do not know how to write one, here is a model bank account name change application letter. However, please note that this is for individuals only and not for companies or other business entities. Keep reading to see how to write an application letter for bank account name change after marriage or for some other reason.

When to write a bank account name change application letter?

A custom application letter for changing your name in bank account is necessary only when there is no pre-existing form (either hardcopy or softcopy) available from the concerned bank for the same purpose. Several banks like ICICI, HDFC etc. already have bank account name change application form you can download online or get in hardcopy from the branch. So the first thing you will have to do is to search on the web for such forms for your bank. If you do not find it online, visit your home branch and request for a copy. If the officials say that there is no such form available and you will have to submit a letter on plain paper, only then you should follow the example of the sample bank account name change letter provided here and write one yourself. If there is no specific instruction by the bank officials, you can either submit a handwritten letter on plain paper or you can type it in some word processor and take a print-out.

A quick tip: When you submit the application letter to the bank, have a photocopy ready and ask the officials to stamp and sign on it as a receipt copy. Do this for all important documents in all places!


What to write in application letter for bank account name change?

Wondering what to put in the letter? How to begin? What are the supporting documents? If you know what information the bank officials would be looking for, that is what you should write! Let us see them in details.

Information required for bank account name change

  • As in any communication regarding your account in the bank, you have to furnish your existing saving / current account number and customer ID / CIF number.
  • Clearly mention the existing name of the applicant, followed by the new name. Preferably, write in block letters. One inadvertent mistake by the bank clerks due to illegible handwriting may fail the purpose and you will have to repeat the entire process again in future.
  • Provide a valid reason for name change. In India, marriage is the commonest reason.
  • Changing your name in bank account often requires updating your specimen signature accordingly. So you will have to provide your old and new specimen signatures. Make sure that your old specimen signature matches the one already available with the bank records. For the new signature, it might be a good idea to keep a copy. Sign on a blank paper right after putting your new specimen signature, so that they closely match; this could come handy in future if you ever forget what your signature actually looked like. And keep the paper safe in your almirah!
  • Provide your contact details. The banks will mostly ask for your postal address, mobile number, and email address.

Documents required for changing your name in bank account

  • Proof of name change: If you are applying for a change of name after marriage, attach a self-attested copy of the marriage certificate with the seal of the marriage registrar on it. If you are changing your name for some other reason, you must produce an attested copy of the Gazette notification with the old and new names on it. Some banks may additionally want attested / self-attested photocopies of newspaper publications and affidavit. If you do not know what are the legal processes to change your name (like affidavit, Gazette notification etc.), you can check out this article: How to change your name in bank accounts
  • Proof of signature: If you can successfully replicate your old signature (in other words, if that matches with the specimen signature in the bank records), you do not need to provide anything else in most cases. Failure to do so might require you to furnish any government-issued self-attested photo identity documents where your signature is notarised or duly attested by competent authorities. NRIs can notarise self-attested copy of the passport and submit the same as a proof of the new signature. However, rules may differ from bank to bank and you should ask the officials in your bank before proceeding to do anything.
Now let us take a look at a sample bank account name change application letter to give you an idea about how to write such letters. Please note that depending on your situation and / or instructions from the bank officials, you might add or omit certain things.


Sample application letter to bank manager for change of name in savings / current account

The Manager,

                    Subject: Application for Change of Name in Bank Account

Sir / Madam,

I wish to update / change my name in my savings / current account held with your bank. The necessary details are furnished below:

  • Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • CIF number / Customer ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Existing Name, as per bank record: [NAME SURNAME]
  • New Name: [NAME SURNAME]
  • Old Signature, as per bank record: _____[SIGN HERE]_____
  • New Signature: ________[SIGN HERE]______
  • Email Address:
  • Mobile Number: xxxxx xxxxx

Enclosed herewith are necessary supportive documents for your perusal:

[Make a list of the documents here. These might include marriage certificate, copy of affidavit and gazette notification, copy of newspaper publications about name change, KYC documents like photocopy of Voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Driving License etc.]

I confirm that all cheques issued against the old signature have been paid and all ECS mandates will be cancelled or reissued by me against the new signature. I understand that in future, the bank will have the right to return or dishonour cheques drawn with the old signature, if any. All cheques collected and paid by the bank from today onwards will be drawn on the new signature as mentioned in this application letter.

Thanking you and looking forward to your cooperation,

Yours Sincerely,

____Old signature, as per bank records____

Dated: xx.xx.xxxx

A final checklist before submitting your name change form / letter to bank

  • This letter is for reference only. Make suitable changes as necessary. For any doubts, consult your bank and legal professionals (Disclaimer).
  • Your account is not in a dormant or inactive state.
  • You have actually attached all the documents mentioned above.
  • You have entered the account number and customer identification number correctly.


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